Our Office

Our philosophy is to offer you and your child a “Dental Home.”

young girl flossing her teethOur practice takes the whole child and their needs into consideration.  Our modern office offers low radiation digital x-rays, electric handpieces which are quieter than traditional dental drills, computerized local anesthesia “the wand” for needle phobic patients and television sets for the children to watch during procedures.  Because of the growing concern of latex allergies we only use non-latex products.  We offer white composite fillings, and use non-toxic substances when performing “baby” (pulpotomy) root canals.  We don’t treat your child with anything that we wouldn’t feel comfortable using on our own children or ourselves.

Services Offered

Here at Hudson Pediatric Dental our main goal is prevention of dental problems.  In addition to preventative services we provide complete restorative services such as white fillings, crowns, cosmetic bonding, baby root canals (pulpotomies) and minor oral surgical procedures.  For very apprehensive children, who cannot tolerate dental treatment in a normal clinic setting, the Doctor is trained to provide sedation in the form of nitrous oxide, valium, oral conscious sedation or a combination of these.   As pediatric dentists we are trained to evaluate the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaws.  We can diagnose any developing bite problems and treat many orthodontic problems at an early age with interventional orthodontics.  When appropriate we refer our patients to other specialists.